About The LCRC

Our Leadership Team

  • Chair: Katie Winchenbach
  • Vice Chair: Steve Karp, Waldoboro
  • Secretary: Bill Morrison, Bristol
  • Treasurer: Ron Cohen, Boothbay Harbor
  • Finance Chair: TBA
  • State Committee Representatives:
  • St. Committeeman Joe Felice, Bristol
  • St. Committeewoman Jeanette Wheeler, Waldoboro

The LCRC is the official governing body for Republicans in Lincoln County. It’s purpose is to strengthen the Republican Party in Lincoln County, support all Lincoln County Candidates, and work together with the State GOP and Republican Campaigns to help them achieve their goals.

  • Helping to recruit candidates for office and support their campaign efforts.
  • Raising funds to sustain LCRC operations.
  • Conducting community outreach and voter registration
  • Provide information about the Republican Party and its objectives.
  • Conducting get out the vote efforts.
  • Encouraging the formation of town committees and town committee operations.

Voting Members of the LCRC are elected by the town committees. The Chair and Finance Chair are ‘automatically’ members of the County Committee and the number of additional representatives is proportional to the number of registered Republican voters in each town. All registered Republicans and Unaffiliated voters are welcome to attend LCRC Meetings.